Covid-19 Support – Referrals

Covid-19 Support – Referrals

Suzanna’s work station at hom

T.B. contacted the Jesus Centre through the info@ email. Having used our services before, he was inquiring about a food parcel as he was being released from hospital (for acute pancreatitis) and had to self-isolate.

As the Support Worker, this was passed on to me. I emailed T.B direct, but got no reply. Being; concerned for his wellbeing, I contacted the University Hospital Coventry and Warwickshire and introducing myself as his Support Worker.  After some questioning I was put through to the ward he had been on. They informed me that he had been discharged and they gave a contact number for him.

Calling the number given I got through to T.B. I explained what had happened and that I would try and connect him to a team that could support him with food and toiletries etc. T.B. was delighted and so grateful and gave me the details I needed to for the referral.

Because the Jesus Centre has a relationship with Coventry Comfort Carers (CCC) (both being members of the Coventry Faith Homelessness Forum) I telephoned them.  They said that they would get a food parcel out to him a.s.a.p. and they gave me the details for the Coventry City Council’s “Operation Shield” service during Covid-19.  I tried to call Operation Shield, got no reply so I sent an email referring T.B. to their services.

T.B. received a parcel from CCC and about a week later was taken on by Operation Shield.  He has now received toiletries, food and his medication.

T.B. is now set up with several agencies, including the Jesus Centre.

Published 20th April 2020

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