About Coventry Jesus Centre

The Vision

Jesus Centres are places where the love of Jesus is expressed daily in worship, friendship and help for every type of person. The homeless and disadvantaged find a particular welcome at Jesus Centres.

Friendship and Help

Our services include:

Open: Mon 9.30am –1:30pm; Tues–Fri 9:00-4:00pm; Sun 9:00am-10:30am.



Staff and Volunteers

Some of our staff and volunteers posing in front of our new Reception area, May 2017

We currently have 9 paid staff, mostly part-time, and around 70 volunteers.  Many of our volunteers are drawn from visitors who have accessed our services.  Others come from our own and other churches as an opportunity to serve.

We offer placements through DWP for people on ESA.

Feeling valued, being trained and interacting with others from all sorts of walks of life proves to be a life-enriching experience for our volunteers and staff.


Rooms for Hire

Gateway Hall

The Gateway Hall, Bridge Lounge and Conservatory are all available for regular and one off lettings.  Contact Faranak Shahini on 07873722025, faranak.shahini@nullcoventryjesuscentre.org.uk








For those who like Numbers

Last year over 1500 individuals came to the Jesus Centre.

The Bridge Drop-in serves around 55 people per day (4 times a week).

In 2017 we recorded 1280 outcomes, where people have made progress in their lives.

281 students came to ESOL classes in 2017.  They gained 250 in-house certificates.



Working With Other Agencies

We are blessed in Coventry to have many other local services which we can refer people to and who send people to us.  This network includes the Salvation Army and Cyrenians who help people into accommodation, the Anchor Centre who provide NHS services, the Refugee and Migrant Centre.   The Anchor Centre provides an outreach service fortnightly in the Bridge Drop-in.




Our History

Jesus Centres were originally set up by Jesus Fellowship Church in response to the rising need in the UK. There’s poverty, injustice, racial and social prejudice and family breakdown with vast numbers feeling marginalised and hurt. We want to reach them with the good news of Jesus and with practical help that makes a difference.

Ann Hawker outside the original garage building

Coventry was the first City to have a fully functioning Jesus Centre.  Built on the site of an old garage in Lamb Street, we opened in April 2002 with a daily drop-in for homeless and disadvantaged people, and a small cafe.

As you will see we have come a long way since those early days.





Video showing the Jesus Centre from the point of view of a service user who became a volunteer.  Please note:  This video is a few years old now so some services have changed.