About JCT Coventry

The JCT Vision

JCT (Jesus Centres Trust) services are designed to restore dignity and create community. Friendship and help is available for every type of person. The homeless and disadvantaged find a particular welcome at the JCT.


Services re-starting July 2020

reopeningWe are thrilled to announce that our services are re-starting in Coventry in July 2020. More than ever we are keen to ensure that our work carries a sustainable impact and supports those most in need.  In order to do this safely and effectively, we are adjusting our service model by shifting from a generic drop-in approach to a specialist referral and appointment-based service. Our success in remotely engaging with our clients during the COVID-19 outbreak has demonstrated that we have the capacity to develop this model and re-open on a casework, appointment-only basis.  Ongoing challenges, around social distancing requirements, means that this approach is wise from a public health perspective, as well as the best strategy to help individuals in crisis to make progress in their lives.

Experienced team

We have an amazingly dedicated and exceptionally experienced team who will deliver specialists services through a resource hub and work 1:1 with clients to resolve their immediate and underlying housing and asylum support challenges.

We are excited about the opportunities the new model presents to work in partnership with clients and in collaboration with local agencies to restore dignity and create community.

Contact point for Casework

Faranak Shahini will continue to be the manager on-site with our team of Caseworkers and support staff to welcome our new casework clients. If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact her via email  

We are very grateful for your continued support and if you would like to give in any way please click here  to see how you can donate 


Dear valued visitors, clients and supporters of the JCT (Jesus Centre Trust) Coventry.This is immediate help from other agencies in the city if required:

Coventry Comfort Carers Crisis Support will remain open with a streamlined service.

Face to Face assessments and referrals are replaced by telephone referrals. Ring 07490 492286.
GP liaison, Hospital liaison and Mental health advice unaffected as via telephone and online communications.
They can also provide food parcels deliveries.

Email the following information to <>

Name, Ages, Number in household isolating, Contact details, Drop off address

Midlands Langar Seva are distributing food to the following places:

Wednesday, Saturday & Sunday
Merrick Lodge, Churchil Hotel, Coventry Foyer and Harnall Lifehouse will be getting sandwich packs dropped off in reception.
Broadgate outdoor feed will hand out sandwich packs between 6.30pm-7.00pm only.

Sunday afternoon feed from under the ring road from 2.30pm – 4pm.

If you see someone you believe to be rough sleeping can you please make a referral to Street Link, giving as much detail as to the location and description of the person as possible. This referral will go direct to Coventry City Councils Rough Sleeper Outreach Team. If you leave an email/telephone number they will get back to you directly with an update.

Street Link is a national referral mechanism for reporting rough sleepers, so you can report wherever you are in the country, and be sure your referral goes to the appropriate team.


The Continuing Work of JCT

For the JCT services around the country, our work with people in need continues and is more necessary than ever in the face of the many homeless, vulnerably housed and socially isolated people who come to us for support accessing our services to help them lead more fulfilling and sustainable lives.

We want to thank our friends and supporters, all churches, charitable trusts and members of the public, for their continued support now and over the years. The charity can continue to work only because staff and volunteers believe in the mission of the charity, and donors continue to give. We thank them all for their much-needed support helping our vulnerable client group.


Friendship and Help

Our services include:

Open: Mon 9.15am –1:30pm; Tues–Fri 9:00-4:00pm; Sun 9:00am-10:30am.


Staff and Volunteers

Some of our staff and volunteers posing in front of our new Reception area, May 2017

We currently have 8 paid staff, mostly part-time, and around 60 volunteers.  Many of our volunteers are drawn from visitors who have accessed our services.  Others come from our own and other churches as an opportunity to serve.

We offer placements through DWP for people on ESA.

Feeling valued, being trained and interacting with others from all sorts of walks of life proves to be a life-enriching experience for our volunteers and staff.


Rooms for Hire

Gateway Hall

The Gateway Hall, Bridge Lounge and Conservatory are all available for regular and one off lettings.  Contact Faranak Shahini on 07873722025,








For those who like Numbers

Last year over 1600 individuals came to the Jesus Centre.

The Bridge Drop-in serves around 55 people per day (4 times a week).

In 2019 we recorded 1604 outcomes, where people have made progress in their lives.

156 students came to ESOL classes in  the academic year 2019/20.  They gained 466 outcomes including in-house certificates.



Working With Other Agencies

We are blessed in Coventry to have many other local services which we can refer people to and who send people to us.  This network includes the Salvation Army and Cyrenians who help people into accommodation, the Anchor Centre who provide NHS services, the Refugee and Migrant Centre.   The Anchor Centre provides a nurse outreach service fortnightly in the Bridge Drop-in. The Forgotten Feet charity provide podiatry services.



Our History

Jesus Centres were originally set up in 2002 in response to the rising need in the UK. There’s poverty, injustice, racial and social prejudice and family breakdown with significant numbers feeling marginalised and hurt. We want to restore their dignity and help them find a sense of community with friendship and practical help that makes a difference.

Ann Hawker outside the original garage building

Coventry was the first City to have a fully functioning Jesus Centre.  Built on the site of an old garage in Lamb Street, we opened in April 2002 with a daily drop-in for homeless and disadvantaged people, and a small cafe.

As you will see we have come a long way since those early days.