Spiritual Help Agencies

A list of spiritual groups we found useful

Because we seek to help the whole person we understand that many Christian agencies in Coventry want their work to be effective spiritually as well as practically and socially. Below is a list of some Christian based groups. You will also find other agencies on the Practical and Social Help pages.

Jesus Fellowship

Some other Christian groups in Coventry

  • Abacus Counseling Service Ltd
    Counselling on relationships, loss, stress. Call them on 02476 226 623
  • Bedworth Christian Centre
    Parenting Courses, Health visitor, support work, pre-school etc. Call them on 02476 494 320
  • Canley Evangelical Church Day Centre
    Day care for local frail eldery people including day trips, healthcare etc. Call them on 02476 466 067
  • Coventry Diocese
    Help with financial problems. Call them on 02476 267 016
  • Hope Centre
    Learnbase, Daycare nursery, Youth work. Email them here or call them on 02476 633 500
  • NCAP National Christian Alliance on Prostitution
    Network of Christian projects working with prostitutes. Email them here or call them on 0845 0044231
  • Salvation Army
    Sleeping bags, blankets, food parcels, travel warrants, housing etc. Email them here or call them on 02476 552 183
  • The Lighthouse
    A professional counselling service to men, women, couples and families of any age or race. Email them here or call them on 024 7644 0095


For more agencies, check out our Social and Spiritual agency pages.