Appreciating volunteers with BBQ

"I want them to feel they are so valuable to us, that they are such an asset"

Here at JCT Coventry we want our volunteers to feel appreciated as they normally give their time helping and supporting others, making a difference to people’s lives around them.  So it was a challenge to choose what we should do for them.  My team and I decided to have a Barbecue and social evening.

Yummy Desserts

Providing time for our volunteers to get together socially is a good way to acknowledge their contribution and keep them inspired.  Meeting volunteers they have not met before gave them a chance to share their experience, hear about what others do, feel part of the larger team and maybe think about doing more roles in the organisation.


Preparing for the volunteers event was really exciting.  We had 55 guests turn up on that day which was a wonderful response.  It wasn’t easy hosting that amount of people but when the love of God is with you, you can move mountains.  So with this faith my team and I all worked together for a day free from stress.  It was a pleasure for me to do the preparation for this event.

Miki and Tiya

Gina in the cosy corner








And it was a fantastic evening!  I don’t know when we have relaxed at the Jesus Centre quite as fully as we did.  I especially enjoyed the fresh barbecue of sausages, burgers and chicken prepared by Tony, as well as desserts of different cakes, fruit salad with double cream and yummy chocolate fountain with marshmallows.

Volunteers of all ages

Friends chilling together








We loved playing table tennis, table football, board games and pool which are usually there for our visitors.  We also had a cushion corner which was so relaxing and cosy for chatting and enjoying each other’s company.   This kind of event can be the highlight of a whole year, as it has been for us.

Enjoying the meal

Football is a serious game








In recognizing the contribution made by our volunteers in this way we want to show them that Coventry Jesus Centre appreciates their input and commitment.  I personally wanted them to feel they are so valuable to us, that they are such an asset for the Jesus Centre.  To make a memory for them and return a small amount of the kindness and compassion they give in their work here.

By Faranak, Management Team.

Published 6th August 2018

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