A winter wonderland?

20th December 2017

The recent snow was exciting for many of us, but what about if you're homeless? Julia Faire writes about a recent day at the Coventry Jesus Centre.

Waking up to a world covered in a blanket of white never loses its magic. It’s Sunday morning, 7:30am, not even light yet but I’m out there, wellies on, snow[...]

How the lost sheep was found

23rd June 2017

Conrad tells the story of how he met the Jesus Centre and how God changed his life.

I date my life from when I first came to the Coventry Jesus Centre. When I saw a booklet with the title “How the lost sheep was found”, I just said “that’s me”. I had given up totally on life itself, as I had severa[...]

Giving something back

14th June 2017

Volunteer Julia helps in the Jesus Centre kitchen one morning a week serving visitors with beans on toast and constantly replenishing the milk, squash, tea bags, coffee, sugar, bread and fruit, plus doing loads of washing up. She talks about what made her start volunteering.

“I heard about the need for voluntee[...]

The plight of refused asylum seekers

31st May 2016
“My circumstances were very hard. I was homeless and without any income, sometimes going without a shower for weeks. As a single person, I was only allowed three food vouchers per year. I was depressed and in a foreign city on my own…” There are many refused asylum seekers in the UK today. About 29,000 […]

Not Just Visitors Who Benefit: Volunteer Tony’s Story

14th November 2014
TONY, you work alongside some of society’s most vulnerable people: those who are homeless and/or have serious alcohol and drug addictions. How did life start for you? I was brought up in Beaumont Leys, a rough council estate in Leicester. My mum believed in God but it was my Christian grandma who was the really […]

Space To Relax

18th June 2014
I HAD been working for four years at a large hotel helping in the kitchen and thought things were going great. Then the Head Chef, who was my friend and got me the job in the first place, went on holiday for four weeks. While he was away, I didn’t get on with one of […]