How Coventry Jesus Centre Helps Andrew

13th January 2020
My name is Andrew Williams.  I am 41 years old.  At this present moment in time I am homeless, jobless (that is due to being medically unfit) and most of the time penniless. I have got there having gone from having everything I wished (within reason).  I came from a happy, settled and comfortable family.  […]

Dixon’s experience at Coventry Jesus Centre

13th January 2020
Dixon, a new visitor said: you are doing a wonderful job here. When I first came in and was welcomed, it brought tears to my eyes. I have been to lots of places to worship God but have often been disappointed. 20 years ago I had a picture in my mind of what church should […]

Adrian & Bridget Plass with Music From Rob Halligan on 25th January

6th January 2020
We are Pleased to welcome Adrian & Bridget Plass to our Centre on 25th January to entertain us with their lovely talented skill of storytelling. As well as Rob Halligan our wonderful singer. Adrian Plass (born Tunbridge Wells, 1948) is a British author and speaker who writes primarily Christian humor, but also short stories, Bible […]

My Life Journey

16th December 2019
I became homeless after I split up with my partner. We had both been badly addicted to drugs and then my youngest son got adopted by my Mum and Dad.  I felt terrible guilt which increased my addiction and led to bad choices. The opportunity to come to the Jesus Centre during the time I […]

Fundraising Craft & Gift Fair on 16th November

14th October 2019
Coventry Jesus Centre are pleased to host a Fundraising Craft & Gift Fair event   This event has been set up to offer lots of lovely crafts and gifts which all the family and friends can enjoy. Stalls include Wood Work, delicious Cup Cakes, Jewellery, Tea & Coffee etc…. We are excited to host our […]

Help The Homeless Concert on 23rd November

14th October 2019
Following the success of our Fundraising Concert, we are delighted to let you know we raised £555. Imagine you have no home. Imagine having to carry all your belongings with you wherever you go. Imagine walking around all the time with no-where to get new socks, shoes that fit or the opportunity to cut your […]