Life improvment without drugs

10th July 2019

Kate with her self-initiative changes her way of life and is free from drugs!

I have been sleeping rough and begging for a long time and have had a quite severe drug habit.  It often reached the point where I needed £200 a day to feed the habit.  I hated the lifestyle and some mont[...]

Women – The Hidden Homeless

8th March 2019

Homelessness is big news at the moment.  Walk through any town centre and you will see homeless people begging, with evidence of their sleeping arrangements, blankets, sleeping bags, piled up beside them.  It’s there in front of our eyes and it’s in the media.

Official government figures say that rough slee[...]

The Safety Net

24th August 2018
Here at the Coventry Jesus Centre we offer a welcome to people with many and varied needs and we can’t hope to meet all those needs ourselves. Thankfully Coventry has a strong network of charities and specialist agencies that provide a safety net for those who are struggling in some way. We are able to […]

The plight of refused asylum seekers

31st May 2016
“My circumstances were very hard. I was homeless and without any income, sometimes going without a shower for weeks. As a single person, I was only allowed three food vouchers per year. I was depressed and in a foreign city on my own…” There are many refused asylum seekers in the UK today. About 29,000 […]

Seven Stories of Forgotten People

29th April 2013
THESE ARE hard times for the poor. Not many would argue with that. UK Government austerity measures have meant that increasing numbers of people are unable to make ends meet. Food banks are busier than ever (according to an article in the Guardian, three open every week) and recent headlines reveal that child poverty is […]


2nd July 2010
Our slogan is “All welcome, no prejudice” and we want to live by it. No one is pretending that issues of faith and sexuality are easy, but we can find a way to move forward in Jesus together. Read the reflections of a member of our church in Manchester… “Christians haven’t always been the most […]