Darren – a passion to help

4th September 2018

Darren Bird is our new Volunteer Co-ordinator whilst Miki Pandele is on maternity leave. Here he gives his thoughts on what volunteering means to him.

Carole: Hello Darren.  How long have you been volunteering here? Darren: Since February 2017.  I came from the Job Centre.  They said that the Jesus Centre was looking [...]

Young Citizens

15th August 2018

“Where are we going? To help homeless people? “

So, a homeless drop-in place with a sombre atmosphere, where they give out food and drink?  “We won’t have much in common with them.  I usually think ‘stranger danger” when I see homeless people on the street.“ These were some of the thoughts going through the mind[...]

Appreciating volunteers with BBQ

6th August 2018

"I want them to feel they are so valuable to us, that they are such an asset"

Here at JCT Coventry we want our volunteers to feel appreciated as they normally give their time helping and supporting others, making a difference to people’s lives around them.  So it was a challenge to choose what we should do for them.  My t[...]

ESOL outing to Oxford

27th July 2018

Last Saturday, a party of our JCT ESOL students went on a trip to Oxford.

How many today? One, two , three …. twenty one, yes, twenty two in all.  Standing outside the JCT Coventry HQ, we pile on two minibuses, all thanks to YWAM’s DTS Crossroads team who have been staying in Coventry for a month and have or[...]

Giving something back

14th June 2017

Volunteer Julia helps in the Jesus Centre kitchen one morning a week serving visitors with beans on toast and constantly replenishing the milk, squash, tea bags, coffee, sugar, bread and fruit, plus doing loads of washing up. She talks about what made her start volunteering.

“I heard about the need for vo[...]

Not Just Visitors Who Benefit: Volunteer Tony’s Story

14th November 2014
TONY, you work alongside some of society’s most vulnerable people: those who are homeless and/or have serious alcohol and drug addictions. How did life start for you? I was brought up in Beaumont Leys, a rough council estate in Leicester. My mum believed in God but it was my Christian grandma who was the really […]