Famous dyslexics

  • Richard Branson, founder of the Virgin group of companies
  • William Hewlett, founder of Hewlett Packard
  • Orlando Bloom, actor
  • Whoopi Goldberg, actress
  • Winston Churchill, wartime Prime Minister
  • George Washington, first American President
  • Leonardo da Vinci, renaissance genius
  • Agatha Christie, bestselling crime novelist

Dyslexia is not a “disease” that someone can be cured of. It is a type of mind, like any other, with its own strengths and weaknesses. It is nothing to do with intelligence. It is a difference in the brain area that deals with language and affects the skills that are needed to learn to read, write and spell. Dyslexic people are often very creative, have good physical co-ordination, think problems through well and can easily understand others.

Around 10% of the population is dyslexic in some way. Every classroom is likely to have 2-3 dyslexic children. Many have had a similar experience to Angela, being labelled as ‘thick’, often going through a humiliating hell at school.

The signs of dyslexia are varied and not all dyslexics have all these signs: difficulties in learning to read, write and spell, in telling left from right, in remembering sequences like the alphabet, months of year, in remembering or following oral instructions. “Side effects” can include low self esteem, depression, and behavioural difficulties in children.

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Published 30th June 2010

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