Giving something back

Volunteer Julia helps in the Jesus Centre kitchen one morning a week serving visitors with beans on toast and constantly replenishing the milk, squash, tea bags, coffee, sugar, bread and fruit, plus doing loads of washing up. She talks about what made her start volunteering.

“I heard about the need for volunteers at JCT Coventry through the priest at my own church and thought that now I have left work, I would like to get involved.  I have always felt for people who are homeless, particularly those who are sleeping rough. I wanted to do something about it. I have been helping with the Coventry Winter Night Shelter in the evenings as well. I was frightened at first but now I’ve got used to it.

“I have had a fairly good life and want to give something back to those who are less fortunate. To me, it doesn’t matter what nationality – people are people to me. Racism saddens me. Being Irish myself and coming to England when I was quite little, I had experiences at school of people saying things which hurt me. That has really stayed with me and made me aware of how hard it can be for some people.

“It is a case of “there but by the grace of God go I”. Being able to help in a small way makes me happy.”

Published 14th June 2017 with tags: volunteering

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