Jesus Centre Sponsorships

At the Coventry Jesus Centre we see ourselves as a family.  Whether that’s staff, volunteers or visitors, we’re all in this together to make a lasting difference to someone’s life.  You can be part of that by sponsoring someone.  As a sponsor you will receive regular updates on how your investment is being used as well as invitations to special events.  You can give a one off donation or become an ongoing supporter with a regular monthly donation.  Whatever option you chose you will be making a real impact on someone’s life.
Homeless Sponsorship – £25 per month to sponsor a homeless person in the Bridge Drop-in, providing them with a hot breakfast, shower, clothing and support.  
ESOL Sponsorship – £15 per month to sponsor someone to learn to speak and understand English language and culture.
Volunteer Sponsorship – £10 per month to sponsor training and support for a front-line volunteer.
Your Space Sponsorship – £5 per month to sponsor a disadvantaged person in our Your Space activity sessions, providing them with refreshments and a safe space to relax, play games and make friends.
If you would like to sponsor someone at the Coventry Jesus Centre fill out the sponsorship form here.