John’s Your Space Story

Our regular social afternoons, Your Space and the newly launched Your Games, give people who may be homeless, or housed but isolated, a space to meet with friends and relax together.

Table tennis and snooker provide some physical exercise and board games such as chess and Othello keep minds active.

For those who struggle with addictions of any sort Your Space can be a lifeline. As one regular says, these times “keep me out of trouble.”

With coffee and biscuits, cake or curry, to keep you going you can enjoy meeting and chatting with people. As they say, “it’s always safe”, with “good friends around”. How better to spend an enjoyable afternoon?

John (pictured) says, “I first started coming to Bridge Drop-in sessions about 7 years ago when I became homeless.  It helped me a lot to have somewhere warm to come to, have some food and get a shower.

I have been coming to Your Space since it first began.  I come every week, sometimes both days.  I really enjoy the games of chess, pool and Othello, especially chess.  I really enjoy it.  But I can’t get the hang of table tennis!  Usually I am very isolated so coming to Your Space means I meet people and that helps my depression.  I have made connections with other people who come.  Also having some food is nice. I am grateful to the Jesus Centre for all the services I have used.  It has helped me a lot.”

Thank you

Published 9th May 2018 with tags: Games Social Your Space

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