Life improvment without drugs

Kate with her self-initiative changes her way of life and is free from drugs!

I have been sleeping rough and begging for a long time and have had a quite severe drug habit.  It often reached the point where I needed £200 a day to feed the habit.  I hated the lifestyle and some months ago I was really hopeful that I could go to rehab to address my addiction through the Jeremy Vine Show.  However, this never came to anything and left me feeling that no-one cared about me.

I then had a short period in prison and decided I was going to do it myself.  I did a short period of “cold turkey” coming off heroin, but then managed to get on a fairly low Methadone script to help me stay stable and not have the severe tummy cramps.  Since I have come out of prison I have kept to my medication and have not “used” on top.  I have been clean for 7 weeks now.


When I left prison I was given temporary accommodation in a local hotel and then moved to a shared house.  I am now seeking to get more permanent accommodation.  I am able to come to Coventry JCT  for warmth, food, drink, use of the phone and friendships.  I was also able to use the computer here to sort my application for Universal Credit and get an Advance Payment.   I have a picture of how I was before I went to prison and one of me now – what a difference!!

I am going to get to see my 9 year old daughter for the first time in 5 years.   Kate


Published 10th July 2019 with tags: addiction drug

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