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OPENING Jesus Centres is the riskiest faith venture we’ve ever undertaken. But faith says “God is in this – He wants it. If we all have faith in our hearts He will live in the Jesus Centres and He will bless them!”

We are weak people building the kingdom of light in a place of darkness. Behind the vision and strategy of the Jesus Centres is the vision of making people whole – and there’s nothing better than that!

Making people whole is what the kingdom of God is all about! And Jesus Centres are an overflow of the kingdom of God and an outworking of the kingdom of God.

For thirty years we’ve seen the healing touch of God on the whole person in our shared life as a Christian community with a network of houses across the UK. Now we have a vision to see this extended through Jesus Centres.

Jesus Centres will be as much a distinctive of Jesus Fellowship as celibacy, community and common purse have been for many years.

Restoring broken mankind is what Jesus does, isn’t it!? It’s what He’s done for us and through the Jesus Centres we see the prospect of helping all kinds of people to be made whole by the same working of the Holy Spirit.

Every person is precious. Some will be people with big habits and problems. Others will be accomplished people who feel their need in some way – perhaps because they’ve fallen on hard times. The Jesus Centres will help people from any part of society to become how God intended them to be.

Over the years we’ve seen far too many people converted and then go back to their old life. What’s needed is to minister to every part of a person’s need – not just the obvious parts you can see. What’s needed is ‘whole-person mentoring’. That’s something that is going to involve a lot of personal time – but if the whole person is going to be brought into completion that’s beautiful – and worth every minute.

Behind the staff and volunteers is a whole church that backs the vision. We don’t see Jesus Centres as just another social project. We’re coming to this with Jesus in our hearts, asking Him for His discernment, wisdom, faith and vision.

We want the Centres to go far beyond the narrow cleaning up of people’s lives and we’re already seeing people that have been helped through the early Jesus Centres finding the life skills to become contributing members of society.

This is the proof that Jesus’ love produces something that’s the very opposite of the dependency culture and the complete turn around of the nanny state!

Published 25th September 2004 with tags: the vision

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