My Life Journey

I became homeless after I split up with my partner.

We had both been badly addicted to drugs and then my youngest son got adopted by my Mum and Dad.  I felt terrible guilt which increased my addiction and led to bad choices.

The opportunity to come to Coventry JCT during the time I was homeless I kept me from getting further into drugs.  It stopped me stealing for extra drugs.  There was a sense of being round normality and it became a springboard to make better changes in my life.  .

Coming to the Jesus Centre and seeing staff in a positive situation made me want it to reflect their joy in my own life.  I am on a methadone script and have been giving clean drug samples to the point where I am able to take my methadone unsupervised.   I am now housed in a shared house and am working on getting rid of my debts.  I had support to get my rent arrears squashed and am now paying off water debts, etc

I have had many positive conversations at the Centre and had advice about how to get round bad situations.

I am currently in a transition time – coming out of bad habits and hanging around with wrong people.  Living in a shared house as the only recovering drug addict has been really helpful as there is less temptation.

One of the good qualities of the Jesus Centre is that no one judges those with drink or drug habits – they treat everyone the same.  It is a very positive atmosphere.  I have been coming about 3 times a week for 6 months and have never seen bullying here and have never been offered drugs.  Considering the people that come here, that is remarkable but it is because of the atmosphere created by the staff and volunteers.  I can come to the Centre and be drug free.

I personally feel like I want to imitate some of the staff/volunteers in the way they are really honest.  Such qualities rub off.

I want to volunteer when I am fully recovered from drugs and have come down off my methadone script.  This will help me get a work ethic again and be able to do a 9-5 job and I can get a reference from the Centre.  My goals going forward are:

To get back into work
To be a good parent
To do stuff for my mum and dad

From one of our visitor who likes to remain anonymous.

Published 16th December 2019 with tags: change drug homelessness working together

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