If you didn't know already, "sex" is the most popular search term on the internet.

Today, with most computer images downloaded during working hours, pornography is accepted as the norm. Any debate over its morality seems to have been drowned out by the much bigger monster of paedophilia.

But regardless of whether it's a snare of the World Wide Web or simply on the top shelf at your local newsagents, the reality is still simple: pornography can ruin lives.

Jesus was once presented with a woman who had been caught in the act of adultery. His response was kindness, restoration and grace. God continues to be faithful even to those who cannot be faithful to themselves.

Yet there's more. Jesus offers the power to break away from an addiction to pornography. He calls us into the light, to be open with those we trust about our difficulties. And the power of his forgiveness is able to wash away every stain.

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Published 30th June 2010 with tags: addiction

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