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Jeremy Blackstock

I HAD been working for four years at a large hotel helping in the kitchen and thought things were going great.

Then the Head Chef, who was my friend and got me the job in the first place, went on holiday for four weeks. While he was away, I didn’t get on with one of the Porters who was looking out for anything I did wrong. One day I had gone into the kitchen when it was not my shift as it was a live-in job.

He reported me and I was given four weeks’ notice, which obviously meant I lost my accommodation as well as my job. I also couldn’t get benefits for three months.

I went to live with friends and started sofa surfing. During this time I came to the Jesus Centre for something to eat and applied to be put on the Bond Scheme. *

To begin with, I was helped to get into a bedsit but this was cold and tatty, so the Support Workers helped me move again to a really nice one bedroomed flat.

I generally keep myself to myself and have tried to get another job but so far have not been successful. I go regularly to the Job Centre and other places for jobs and keep sending off my CV, but there aren’t many jobs out there and I am still unemployed.

I come down to the Your Space activity afternoons at the Jesus Centre. I love coming here. It’s fantastic. Everybody is nice, it’s friendly and there isn’t any trouble.

It’s a good place to meet people and play table tennis. Apart from playing pool at the Mercia once a week, Your Space is my only other social activity and exercise. I’m not invited to family events so coming here is really good.


* An award-winning scheme run by Coventry Jesus Centre to help people into accommodation.

Published 18th June 2014 with tags: employment homelessness services

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