Darren – a passion to help

4th September 2018

Darren Bird is our new Volunteer Co-ordinator whilst Miki Pandele is on maternity leave. Here he gives his thoughts on what volunteering means to him.

Carole: Hello Darren.  How long have you been volunteering here? Darren: Since February 2017.  I came from the Job Centre.  They said that the Jesus Centre was looking [...]

Space To Relax

18th June 2014
I HAD been working for four years at a large hotel helping in the kitchen and thought things were going great. Then the Head Chef, who was my friend and got me the job in the first place, went on holiday for four weeks. While he was away, I didn’t get on with one of […]

Seven Stories of Forgotten People

29th April 2013
THESE ARE hard times for the poor. Not many would argue with that. UK Government austerity measures have meant that increasing numbers of people are unable to make ends meet. Food banks are busier than ever (according to an article in the Guardian, three open every week) and recent headlines reveal that child poverty is […]

Speaking out

21st January 2006
WHEN Val Hook saw the Support Worker post advertised, she thought, 'yes!' She had been working in the centre's café but wanted to do something more specific to help people. Now she assists clients with applications for housing and other benefits, arranges crisis loans or accommodation, rings agencies to make appointments, and reads and writes […]