Young Citizens

15th August 2018

“Where are we going? To help homeless people? “

So, a homeless drop-in place with a sombre atmosphere, where they give out food and drink?  “We won’t have much in common with them.  I usually think ‘stranger danger” when I see homeless people on the street.“ These were some of the thoughts going through the mind[...]

Not Just Visitors Who Benefit: Volunteer Tony’s Story

14th November 2014
TONY, you work alongside some of society’s most vulnerable people: those who are homeless and/or have serious alcohol and drug addictions. How did life start for you? I was brought up in Beaumont Leys, a rough council estate in Leicester. My mum believed in God but it was my Christian grandma who was the really […]

Seven Stories of Forgotten People

29th April 2013
THESE ARE hard times for the poor. Not many would argue with that. UK Government austerity measures have meant that increasing numbers of people are unable to make ends meet. Food banks are busier than ever (according to an article in the Guardian, three open every week) and recent headlines reveal that child poverty is […]

A case of changed identity

24th September 2010
MY FRIEND Dave works in the kitchen at one of our Jesus Centres. When he’s not making breakfasts for the many homeless and disadvantaged people who come into the centre, Dave is also their sometime counsellor, occasional medic and – always – their good friend. But Dave didn’t always do this sort of thing. At […]


30th June 2010
To forgive… Whoever opts for revenge should dig two graves. — Chinese Proverb It may be infinitely worse to refuse to forgive than to murder, because the latter may be an impulse of a moment of heat, whereas the former is a cold and deliberate choice of the heart. — George MacDonald Forgiveness is the […]

Slice of life

21st September 2008
TODAY'S culture needs an accessible church. People move around. Their lifestyles are fluid. They have often left their roots behind. They want things now. And here. So 'church' needs to be flexible. Visible. Easy to find. Easy to touch and make demands of. Just like the mobile Jesus, in His days on earth He took […]