Help The Homeless Concert on 23rd November

14th October 2019
Following the success of our Fundraising Concert, we are delighted to let you know we raised £555. Imagine you have no home. Imagine having to carry all your belongings with you wherever you go. Imagine walking around all the time with no-where to get new socks, shoes that fit or the opportunity to cut your […]

Life at Coventry Jesus Centre Jan 2019

17th January 2019

During September 2018 Coventry Jesus Centre welcomed our 17,000th different visitor in 16 years. No wonder we can't quite remember them all!

The Bridge Drop-in for homeless and disadvantaged people continues to be busy with over 50 people per session.  So many of our visitors really appreciate the chance to get warm, get a shower and clo[...]

Not Just Visitors Who Benefit: Volunteer Tony’s Story

14th November 2014
TONY, you work alongside some of society’s most vulnerable people: those who are homeless and/or have serious alcohol and drug addictions. How did life start for you? I was brought up in Beaumont Leys, a rough council estate in Leicester. My mum believed in God but it was my Christian grandma who was the really […]

Missing Persons

30th June 2010
A report from the Children’s Society states that 18,000 children, under 11, run away each year in the UK. Shockingly, children who start running away before the age of 11 are nearly three times more likely to be sexually assaulted on the streets and twice as likely to be hit by their parents than older […]

Domestic violence

30th June 2010
Wives, husbands, partners, children – all can be victims of the violence that erupts in the privacy of the family home. When police forces across Britain decided to find out how much domestic violence there was in the UK, they chose a single day in September, did a study on incidents reported that – and […]