Support through COVID-19 enabled by the power of Networking

20th April 2020
F.O is an Eastern European from Romania and his English is limited.  He came to the Jesus Centre as street homeless and recently out of employment.  He used our services for showers, clothes, breakfast, postal address, computer and support/advice.   The JCT (Jesus Centre Trust) works with many agencies in the city and F.O was referred […]

Life at Coventry Jesus Centre Jan 2019

17th January 2019

During September 2018 Coventry Jesus Centre welcomed our 17,000th different visitor in 16 years. No wonder we can't quite remember them all!

The Bridge Drop-in for homeless and disadvantaged people continues to be busy with over 50 people per session.  So many of our visitors really appreciate the chance to get warm, get a shower and clo[...]

ESOL outing to Oxford

27th July 2018

Last Saturday, a party of our JCT ESOL students went on a trip to Oxford.

How many today? One, two , three …. twenty one, yes, twenty two in all.  Standing outside the JCT Coventry HQ, we pile on two minibuses, all thanks to YWAM’s DTS Crossroads team who have been staying in Coventry for a month and have or[...]

The plight of refused asylum seekers

31st May 2016
“My circumstances were very hard. I was homeless and without any income, sometimes going without a shower for weeks. As a single person, I was only allowed three food vouchers per year. I was depressed and in a foreign city on my own…” There are many refused asylum seekers in the UK today. About 29,000 […]

Smiling Through Pain, Somali Asylum Seeker’s Story

18th April 2014
“FIGHTING in Somalia is a tradition” said Erasto,* who arrived in the UK from Somalia 15 years ago as an asylum seeker. “People don’t always know what they are fighting about. Our grandfathers were fighting – and we are fighting. “I came to England hoping for peace. Yes, the UK is peaceful, but the weather […]