Life at Coventry Jesus Centre Jan 2019

17th January 2019

During September 2018 Coventry Jesus Centre welcomed our 17,000th different visitor in 16 years. No wonder we can't quite remember them all!

The Bridge Drop-in for homeless and disadvantaged people continues to be busy with over 50 people per session.  So many of our visitors really appreciate the chance to get warm, get a shower and clo[...]

The Safety Net

24th August 2018
Here at the Coventry Jesus Centre we offer a welcome to people with many and varied needs and we can’t hope to meet all those needs ourselves. Thankfully Coventry has a strong network of charities and specialist agencies that provide a safety net for those who are struggling in some way. We are able to […]

Not Just Visitors Who Benefit: Volunteer Tony’s Story

14th November 2014
TONY, you work alongside some of society’s most vulnerable people: those who are homeless and/or have serious alcohol and drug addictions. How did life start for you? I was brought up in Beaumont Leys, a rough council estate in Leicester. My mum believed in God but it was my Christian grandma who was the really […]

Space To Relax

18th June 2014
I HAD been working for four years at a large hotel helping in the kitchen and thought things were going great. Then the Head Chef, who was my friend and got me the job in the first place, went on holiday for four weeks. While he was away, I didn’t get on with one of […]

Servant of all: The benefits of volunteering

23rd August 2013
“Volunteering at the Jesus Centre has been very beneficial to my personal life.” says Edmund Kannu, “It has helped me to become more humble by serving others. In Africa, if you are a church leader you are to be served rather than to serve. At the Jesus Centre we learn to serve and reach out […]

Surviving suicide

1st September 2009
SUICIDE … now accounts for 1.5 per cent of all deaths worldwide. Suicide is the second leading cause of death among people aged 15 to 24, after vehicle accidents. "Most people who commit suicide have a mental disorder – anorexia, major depressive disorder, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and borderline personality disorder are the most common…" (New […]